artist_photography - 01.jpg暁、闇。 Akatsukiyami

The peculiar sound made by the Ambient sound, heavy metal, electronica, noise, etc. combining church music etc. makes from Dark the gloomy and confused sound to which insanity and silence are mixed with a heavy machine beat in a delicate and fascinating melody and an offensive noise.
The sound of the collage style built in an alternative, heavy metal, Gothic, the industrial , electronic, electronica, and classic and various styles, It is made from the concept imagined from the view of the world inspired from the tale of the fictitious world which he considers, or a fictitious country.
Making a musical piece for him should express the tale borne by the view of the world.
It is just Like a miniature garden play.

The main sound source

2006 Album "The Number 7" "Queen" was released by "Tsubaki" name.
"Tsubaki" is vocalist "tohko" and a collaboration.
"Tsubaki featuring tohko" name released E.P"Tanatos" and Album"Flowers" .
E.P"Anima" was released by "Tsubaki" name.

2007 E.P"World/World's End" was released by "Tsubaki" name.
Album "From Recollection of 13th Floor, Third." was released by "Dawn and Darkness" name.

2008 Album "The World of Monochrome, The Portrait Is Not Visible" was released by "Dawn, Darkness" name.

2009 Album "羅刹国(Rasetsukoku) was released.

2010 Album "ziz" was released.
Album "原罪(Genzai)" released.

2011 Album "絶望と天使の殺し合い(Zetsubou to tenshi no koroshiai) was released.

2012 WORLD end MARKET Label(for Download distribution) is established.
World debut album "羅刹国 Rasetsukoku" was released from WORLD end MARKET.
2nd album "ziz" was released from WORLD end MARKET.
1st Single "13章Beast ver.2" was released WORLD end MARKET.

2013 "X -Batsu:" was released WORLD end MARKET.

The main activity

2006 Artwork and music is offered in Art event "Asymmetric garden Ver.1"
(at Nakano Heavy sick zero/Japan), by "tsubaki" name Artwork in Art event "Japanoise Night"(at Ebisu MILK/Japan). by "tsubaki" name.